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Welcome! I'm Michael. 

We all desire freedom and choice, right?  We want to live engaged and purposeful lives.

We struggle with issues in our bodies, confusion about our purpose, and emotional stress. We want liberation from our physical and emotional pains that keep us from thriving and feeling whole, but unfortunately most of us settle. We settle on pain management. On living with chronic conditions. On paycheck over passion. On status quo. We settle for undesirable behavior and less than desired progress. 

We too often settle on relieving symptoms rather than healing the root of the issue. We compensate and compromise our health and our abundance.

We persist in a trance that we know as living. Let’s wake up and honor our potential of being truly alive beings! 

My work's focus is to guide my clients towards embracing their true, authentic selves.  I use Atlas Activation, body attunements, hands on healing, feedback and intentional prayer to assist those who are seeking change to release the physical and mental blocks that prevent them from taking their big leap. I have also been a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and Tai Chi for the past 10 years and believe it to be another great alignment tool. I am inspired to help my clients integrate these simple, yet powerful movements into their daily lives. 

You can read more about my background and journey below. Take a look around my site. Contact me. Schedule a session. Take a leap & get activated. 

My parents immigrated to this country in their early 20's.  My mother was born in Japan and my father from Switzerland, both fascinated by American culture and the opportunities of a free country.  My grandfather was a well known pediatrician in Kobe, Japan and ran a busy clinic with my grandmother, who was a nurse.  He was one of twelve boys, all of whom became a doctor or a dentist with the exception of one.  I feel a strong connection to my ancestry and have held a natural desire to be of service.

One of my dear friends and mentor always reminded me that "you are exactly where you are supposed to be."  So after 19 years in the healing arts, I am still committed and curious about my path in the healing arts.  For me, bodywork is a creative art form guided by intuition and love.  Healing is about listening to the subtle shifts in energy and following where the individual is willing to go.  It is more about doing 'less' and trusting the innate wisdom of the body. We hold a space where one feels supported, heard and honored for where they are along the journey. 

Balance and health is experienced through reciprocity when we learn how to receive as well as give.  The art of giving opens a pathway to another soul, but the art of receiving and nurturing our happiness opens a pathway to our own heart.  Our greatest reverence is to Nature, our Mother, the heartbeat that sustains all life.  Reciprocity is receiving these gifts of life in gratitude and giving back our appreciation and devotion to 'right' living, honest, integral, loving.

It is my hope to promote this balance and awareness within the individual and my desire to support and activate the body's self-healing and rejuvenating powers. It is my intention to assist individuals towards taking the next step in their personal growth.  

There is joy in sharing our gifts.  My service began first by observing my own limitations and fears through meditation, workshops and spending time in nature.  I began meeting important teachers that began to emerge during my college years.  I majored in psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, then became a Emergency Medical Technician in the Colorado Rockies.  This led to two and a half years in the Peace Corps where I volunteered as a community developer in sanitation and appropriate technologies and an educator working with village health workers on the islands of Fiji.  Once I returned in 1998, I began a focused path in the healing arts. 

From the moment I started a professional massage practice, I was immediately drawn to the more subtle forms of bodywork, such as Cranial Sacral, Polarity, Reiki, and Acupressure. I had amazing mentors from the School of Natural Therapeutics in New Mexico and at the Desert Resorts School of Somatherapy in Palm Springs that helped support this passion and discovery. For years I maintained a thriving massage practice and became a diligent student of yoga, tai chi and chi gong.  

In 2006, upon a trip to Switzerland, my father was asked to introduce a new technique called AtlasProFilax to America. He was authorized to offer trainings by the founder Rene C. Schumperli and chose me as his first trainee. This knowledge changed my life in terms of the clientele that I would meet and the humbling realizations of how many individuals live with chronic pain.  As a result of ten dedicated years providing this one specific modality and thousands of clients from all over the country, I created a unique system of healing that supports the whole being by elevating the mind, body, spirit connection while blending shamanic bodywork, spiritual coaching and distance healing.  I continue my education and devotion working with native healers and shamans.  I have a deep regard for the knowledge that has been passed down from generations past and feel continually blessed by my teachers and by the people I serve.  

I deeply respect our individual path and 'agreements' we have come to fulfill in this lifetime and the unique challenges we face finding our way back home.  Whether we are the facilitator or client, we learn from each other and share a special moment in time together.  I am honored to have the opportunity to support you in your health. It is my sincerest desire to promote the vast healing potential that lies within...


Atlas Activation * Sub-occipital Neck Release * Body Attunements*

Massage * Energetic Bodywork * Cranial Sacral * Polarity * Acupressure

Yoga * Tai Chi * Meditation

Be courageous. Engage with what you desire.  

Awaken to your life,

Full of curiosity and authenticity.