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Each healing session incorporates body and energy work.  Once the Atlas Activation has been administered and the the spine opened, the next stage is to elevate the healing process with cranial sacral therapy.  It is important to integrate the immediate changes by synchronizing and harmonizing the two main joints in the body, the atlas/occiput and the sacrum/ilium, ‘as above, so below’.  The relationship of these two main joints direct the strength and integrity of the spine and are absolutely necessary for structural balance. Then, deeper energetic body work is used to address the nervous system and chakra centers.

As the body unwinds and adjusts to the new body alignment, layers of tension can surface as the body wakes up and re-orientates back to core balance.  True healing starts within.

Body Attunement Services offered by Michael:

  • Craniosacral therapy is a process of synchronizing the subtle, yet powerful flow of cerebrospinal fluid between the cranium, spine and pelvis.  Deep, stored tension is accessed by gently unwinding stressed areas and following the natural rhythms of body intelligence.

  • Polarity therapy, founded by Dr. Randolph Stone releases energetic blockages by balancing and engaging the elemental relationships of earth, water, fire, air and ether, using three distinct qualities of touch: gentle, stimulating and deep.  

  • Core Synchronism is a blending of both Polarity therapy and Craniosacral therapy.  This powerful combination was developed by Robert Stevens at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.

  • Energy Balancing is a ‘laying of hands’ that cleanses and sweeps the body  of stagnant, blocked and ‘dense’ energy, restoring balance and flow. The hands naturally move over congested areas of the body to release stored physical and emotional trauma.


As for my higher calling. I have already made some mental breakthroughs and my ‘stuckness’ has gotten a bit better. Also my emotional side has opened up quite a bit. I have suppressed my emotions for the past 30 years as good as I could. Now they come out.
Again, thank you so much for everything you do and for being on this planet. I do appreciate it greatly.
— Barbara, Mohave, CA
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This gentle combination of body work combined with the Atlas Activation is deeply relaxing, profoundly cleansing and reconnecting.  All sessions are intuitively guided and inspired in the moment and focus on bringing the body back to energetic fullness.

Michael's gift as a body worker is in accessing the 'energetics' behind the physical tension. He understands that much of our physical pain has a relationship to old and chronic habits, choices and stress.  In addition, we hold onto personal beliefs and ideas that are no longer relevant to our well being and highest good.

Michael's has created a unique style of bodywork to attune the mind-body connection, open the heart and remove the layers of tension that stress the vital energy centers.

Amazing!!!! Everything is different. I dance different, I look different, I feel different. It’s incredible. People noticed and I didn’t even say anything. I could barely sleep because I couldn’t believe how good I felt.
— Erin, Carlsbad, CA

Thank you so much! I feel like I’m alive again.
— Cathy, Butte, CA
Since my session with you, I have felt good, and the major thing that I have noticed is that I seem to be able to clear and reorganize in my life. I really began to notice things moving forward that I have been “working on or working at” and not really moving forward. So emotionally, I feel uplifted and positive and hopeful and grateful.
— Catherine, Houston, TX

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