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Atlas Activation: A Gateway to Harmonizing Body and Mind, Restoring Balance and Wholeness, Addressing our Foundational Alignment.

After 13 years of providing the Atlas Activation to thousands of individuals, I can honestly state that WE Humans have a core imbalance and fundamental anomaly to our structure, starting early in our development and continuing throughout our adulthood until corrected.

This inherent weakness affects most people without their knowledge and originates from an unstable, stressed and imbalanced Atlas or C1. At some point, there is a disconnect and mis-location of this vital connection where the first cervical vertebra and the base of the skull meet, forming the Atlanto-occipital joint, crucial for lateral stability, flexion and extension of the cranium, and proper alignment of the sacroiliac joint and hips.  

The result is compensation and constant pressure on the dura around the brain stem, spine, cranial nerves and vertebral arteries.  This core weakness can be the source of many uncomfortable and chronic symptoms.

The Problem:

We are living with a persistent stress stemming from the seat of the skull, top of the spine down to the hips, and we have been compensating ever since.  Simply, we live without our heads on straight! It is here, where the skull and spine connect at the atlas/occipital junction, a non-moveable joint, that creates the imbalance in our skeletal structure and the stress on our nervous system, blocking energy flow, obstructing our Life Force and connection to the rest of the body.  In an effort to create stability, the upper occipital neck muscles remain spastic and tight, resulting in an old pattern of compensation that we unknowingly get accustomed to as being normal.

The Solution:

With any challenge, lies a solution.  This simple, yet creative Activation was born from a deep need to address the root cause so that we can become whole again and walk a true, balanced and unwavering path.  

The Atlas activation is a gateway bridging the Body/Mind connection and designed to address a core physical imbalance that holds the body out of true alignment.  The Activation is integrated by cranial sacral therapy, energetic balancing and follow up care. Although the Activation is complete unto itself, further support is recommended for maintenance.  It was not developed with the intention of repetitive visits, but more, an event intended to be a foundational turning point in one’s health. Further support from other supportive care is highly recommended.  

The Atlas Activation is an ‘event’, a moment in one’s life where an old pattern is changed and a new one restored.  It is the starting point and gateway to a new relationship to your body. Change begins with a choice, a decision to go a little deeper…

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Atlas Activation is a deep sub-occipital that addresses chronic muscular tension around the base of the skull and restores balance and stability to the vital Atlas/Occipital joint at the top of the spine. This is the keystone that governs whole body balance and is necessary for a proper reference to our true ‘north’. Instability in this area is the source of chronic tension and pressure that create patterns of compensation and in time, degeneration.


This significant location where the Atlas or C1 articulates with the skull is also known as "The Mouth of God" or the Medulla oblongata of the brain stem. This is a source point for receiving divine information and activating our intuition and wisdom.  When blocked, vital life force energy or Prana is restricted.

After the Atlas activation I noticed immediately an increased range of motion in my neck – side to side and up and down. This has remained in the weeks to date. Michael is an incredibly talented healer, and the session with him was pure joy.
— Adria E. | Honolulu, HI
The work you did on me has been incredible. I have felt different in many ways since the treatment. One is more energy, and another is less procrastination. That last one is a big one. And, of course, no spasticity. A life changer.
— Karen, Clearwater, FL
After my session yesterday, I felt light all over, fully open and tingling at my crown. I was fully aware of a feeling of circulation from head to toe, my sinuses drained while still in session, my ears popped repeatedly which opened them up, and the ever-present tension in my jaw (TMJ) relaxed. My range of motion in my neck is significantly improved and I experienced a release in my hips and pelvis. I slept deeply after my session, without the constant shifting to accommodate tension and discomfort in my neck, as well as the sciatic pain or jumping in my right leg that has been present since age 15. This shift in my atlas is quite literally life-changing. I’m grateful, Michael!
— M. Wagner, North Carolina - April 2017