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The body is a beautifully intricate and complex system. As a species we are prone to instability and stress in the primary Atlas/occipital joint (below the skull) and suffer chronically tight, spastic (sub-occipital) neck muscles  This constant pressure on the dura around the spine, the cranial nerves and the vertebral arteries, leaves people feeling in pain, burdened, disconnected, and stressed.

Common physical struggles:

  • chronic tension and pain in the upper neck and shoulders
  • low back pain and sciatica issues
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraines and tension head-aches
  • ringing in ears and tension at the jaw (TMJ)
  • posture issues: head forward and shoulders collapsed
  • reduced mobility
  • chronic fatigue
  • leg and hip imbalance
  • dizziness, fight or flight 
  • joint stiffness 
  • sleep issues
  • digestive disorders

Common issues of mind and spirit:

  • anxiety, restlessness
  • feeling ungrounded
  • depression, confusion
  • brain fog
  • lack of clarity about life's purpose
  • feeling stuck and disconnected from the heart and mind
  • persistent sense that there is something 'off' or 'wrong' but can't articulate the issue

Address the cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms. 

I have been feeling amazing! It has been several weeks now, and I haven’t felt even a twinge of anything from my neck. I’m completely pain and stress-free. I stand taller and my posture is so different - I notice that all the time.
— Karen, Clearwater, FL

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The method

For a variety of reasons, stemming back from early childhood development, the vital entry point where the skull and spine merge is unstable and chronically stressed due to a weakness and imbalance in the upper neck and occipital ridge, obstructing our Life Force and creating compensatory tension and pain, as chronically spastic muscles work harder to protect and secure the instability.

This was discovered by Swiss René-Claudius Schuemperli, himself painfully affected by occipital imbalance and tension. Between 1993 and 1996, he developed a revolutionary method to release and stabilize one of the greatest connections in the body, the entry point of all our bodily sensations and higher conscious activity. This modality employs trigger point therapy, neural-muscular and vibratory massage, cranial sacral, acupressure techniques and chakra balancing.

With Atlas Activation, Michael can help you reach the root of your issues through balancing your physical being and integrating energetic movement to activate you towards your true and healthy path.