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What can I expect from a session?

We are unique individuals with different needs and different life experiences. Our pain reveals a history of traumatic events and life choices. Sessions begin with an intake to influence the focus of the session by understanding your personal needs, life goals, and what you wish to achieve with the healing session. 

During the Atlas Activation, Michael uses a highly effective massage tool, invented to soften occipital muscles and deliver a specific frequency of vibration to open up the most chronically restricted muscles. While you sit comfortably in a chair, fully clothed, Michael guides the Atlas Activation tool to address specific trigger points along the base of the skull, gently creating space between the head and neck. There is a moment of reorganization, as muscles give way to the steady vibration and can no longer hold the old pattern of compensation.

There is no cracking or adjusting or high velocity movements.  Once the relaxation of the specific muscles have occurred, a natural opening follows. The head, neck, hips and occipital joint immediately begin to find true balance and stability, as intended by nature. Through this tension release, the Atlas is aligned, the intelligence of the body is activated and balance is restored.


After this ‘once in a lifetime’ shift occurs, Michael takes advantage of the opening to deepen the healing process by applying his talents in integrative body and energy work. Laying on the massage table, you will receive gentle massage, cranial sacral therapy, and energetic bodywork --- a customized attunement designed to maximize this new healing experience.  

Atlas Activation provides enhanced results when supported with further body, mind and spirit attunement


The work you did on me has been incredible. I have felt different in many ways since the treatment. One is more energy, and another is less procrastination. That last one is a big one. And, of course, no spasticity. A life changer.
— Karen, Clearwater, FL


The Atlas Activation is a simple, non-invasive, non-medical solution to longstanding pain and discomfort.  In its simplicity, it is creative and profound, elevating the individual to new levels of vitality and clarity.


Primary Atlas Activation sessions occur in person, in my Nevada City, California office, or in various cities around the world where I travel to heal and train. 

Follow up energy work and coaching can take place via distance sessions by accessing the field. With your luminous light body present on my table, I will clear, balance and remove blockages in the body. I offer inspirational guidance and intuitive feedback to support further transformation.




frequently asked questions

Is the Atlas Activation a chiropractic adjustment? . . .

No. The Atlas Activation does not manipulate bone or address a 'subluxation' of a vertebra. It consists of a soft tissue release to the deep sub-occipital muscles that stabilize the cranium to the spine. Massage and trigger point work is used to address chronically tight and stressed short muscles of the upper neck.

How do I know if I need this Activation and neck release?. . .

Almost all of us suffer from an inherent weakness and instability in this vital, key joint. Whether it be from trauma at birth or a pattern that develops early in our childhood, most of us are not balanced and are compensating. We have grown accustomed to feeling pain. Most commonly, people have consistent neck and shoulder tension, a history of needing adjustments, poor range of motion, unbalanced hips and trouble feeling comfortable in their body. Headaches, brain fog and back pain are also common.

Is the Activation painful? . . .

The Atlas Activation is a gentle massage, non-invasive and non-forced. The body unwinds naturally once the muscle tissue is softened and released. However, there can be discomfort in massaging the areas that are already sore and tight. The release does not take very long. There is no 'cracking' or high velocity adjustments.

How does this Activation remain stable and balanced in one session? Can it go back to where it was prior? . . .

The joint that stabilizes the cranium fits like a tongue and groove like other joints in the body, supported by muscles. Once the muscles are released, a full connection is restored. By design, when the two are in proper balance, they 'lock' together as intended by nature. The body recognizes this shift and relaxes the muscles around the stressed joint, integrating a new pattern of balance. This Atlas Activation is not intended to be a series of visits, but a complete release and stabilization supported by follow-up body work.

Why is this called an 'Activation'? . . .

Over the ten years of providing this service, I have noticed that it is not only a physical release, but a energetic one as well. My clients have reported feeling calmer, more centered, more inspired and less anxious. People tell me that after the Atlas Activation they experienced a shift in their thinking and their vision, and that there was an empowering affect that helped support their 'whole' being and not just the physical conditions. I call it an Activation because a deeper intelligence was ignited, like a light that switched on.

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Atlas Activation:


$275 when travelling (includes membership fee)

Follow Up Healing Session:

(to the initial activation).

$60 (30 minutes)

$100 (60 minutes)

Includes recheck, tune up, cranial sacral energy work.

Distance Healing Session and Soul Purpose Coaching:

$90/60 mins.