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Results & Reactions

Atlas Activation elicits a self healing and regenerative process that strengthens and harmonizes, often evoking old tension and compensation. As a result of the body's intelligence and wisdom, shift, change and growth occur, sometimes with temporary discomfort. This can be on an emotional level as well.

Clients receiving Atlas Activation report:

  • Enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Some feel more of the physical, while others sense a combination of all three.
  • Improved freedom and mobility in the neck, shoulders and lower back.
  • Greater stability and balance of the head. The head feels lighter, more erect and supported.
  • Neurological changes, such as clearer eye sight, less ringing in the ears.
  • Improved complexion and softening of the facial muscles from unencumbered blood flow to the brain.
  • Rush of energy flow from the base of the spine up through the crown, due to reduced pressure from the brain stem.
  • An integration of heart and mind and a centering and calling of divine purpose.
  • Increase of steady energy.
  • State of equanimity that washes away tension and encourages a stronger appreciation and gratitude for life.
  • Emotional release of suppressed fear, grief, anger and/or joy.
  • Deepening of meditation practice with easier access to more tranquil states.
  • Profound change in attitude. More centered, grounded and peaceful.

Since my session with you, I have felt good, and the major thing that I have noticed is that I seem to be able to clear and reorganize in my life. I really began to notice things moving forward that I have been “working on or working at” and not really moving forward. So emotionally, I feel uplifted and positive and hopeful and grateful.
— Catherine, Houston, TX
... Many changes were subtle and others were obvious. I’ve let go of my desire for tobacco easily. What a pleasant surprise. I can only attribute my no longer smoking to Michael’s work.
— Berylanne Stewart, Arizona
How am I? I am definitely still feeling the openness and the sense that I am “one body” from head to toe—and THAT is a wonderful feeling and a precious gift. It is amazing, being at peace with my body and feeling connected.
— Ann, Houston, TX