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Results & Reactions

Atlas Activation elicits a self healing and regenerative process that strengthens and harmonizes, often evoking old tension and compensation. As a result of the body's intelligence and wisdom, shift, change and growth occur, sometimes with temporary discomfort. This can be on an emotional level as well.

Get free and liberate yourself from a lifetime of pain, tension and stress!  We begin anew with a gentle, targeted neuromuscular massage that frees the occipital muscles that support the Atlas (C1) vertebra and the Occipital base cranial bone.  The neck release removes tension and torquing along the spine and decreases pressure off the brainstem and other nerve tracts, creating space and stability. The vagus nerve in particular is affected.  

This foundational re-integration is not a chiropractic adjustment, but a specific trigger point massage to the muscles that support the head, neck and shoulders.  My intention is to remove this old blockage and Activate a self healing and restorative process.

The benefits can be life changing!  For the first time, you will experience a balanced and stable joint as intended by nature that will support the rest of your body. There is often an elevated and euphoric feeling that is followed by a centered and calm feeling.  You feel grounded in your body and light in your heart. Your legs and hips balance. Your cranials open and unwind. Tension around the base of the skull soften. Breath eases and opens. The body becomes whole and connected.

This is the foundation, the starting point to a new experience.

Clients receiving Atlas Activation report:

  • Enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Some feel more of the physical, while others sense a combination of all three.

  • Improved freedom and mobility in the neck, shoulders and lower back.

  • Greater stability and balance of the head. The head feels lighter, more erect and supported.

  • Neurological changes, such as clearer eye sight, less ringing in the ears.

  • Improved complexion and softening of the facial muscles from unencumbered blood flow to the brain.

  • Rush of energy flow from the base of the spine up through the crown, due to reduced pressure from the brain stem.

  • An integration of heart and mind and a centering and calling of divine purpose.

  • Increase of steady energy.

  • State of equanimity that washes away tension and encourages a stronger appreciation and gratitude for life.

  • Emotional release of suppressed fear, grief, anger and/or joy.

  • Deepening of meditation practice with easier access to more tranquil states.

  • Profound change in attitude. More centered, grounded and peaceful.

Since my session with you, I have felt good, and the major thing that I have noticed is that I seem to be able to clear and reorganize in my life. I really began to notice things moving forward that I have been “working on or working at” and not really moving forward. So emotionally, I feel uplifted and positive and hopeful and grateful.
— Catherine, Houston, TX
... Many changes were subtle and others were obvious. I’ve let go of my desire for tobacco easily. What a pleasant surprise. I can only attribute my no longer smoking to Michael’s work.
— Berylanne Stewart, Arizona
How am I? I am definitely still feeling the openness and the sense that I am “one body” from head to toe—and THAT is a wonderful feeling and a precious gift. It is amazing, being at peace with my body and feeling connected.
— Ann, Houston, TX