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Atlas Activation, sub-occipital neck release


Atlas Activation, sub-occipital neck release

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Atlas Activation is a deep sub-occipital neck release that addresses chronic tension around the base of the skull and restores balance to the vital Atlas/Occipital joint at the top of the spine.  The Atlas vertebrae is the keystone of the spine that governs whole body balance and is necessary for proper neuromuscular functioning and structural alignment. Instability in this area is a major source of chronic tension and stress, creating patterns of compensation and degeneration. 


This significant location where the Atlas or C1 articulates with the skull is also known as "The Mouth of God" or the Medulla oblongata of the brain stem. This is a source point for receiving divine information and activating our intuition and wisdom.  When blocked, vital life force energy or Prana is restricted.

After the Atlas activation I noticed immediately an increased range of motion in my neck – side to side and up and down. This has remained in the weeks to date. Michael is an incredibly talented healer, and the session with him was pure joy.
— Adria E. | Honolulu, HI

Get free! The Atlas Activation is a gentle, neuromuscular massage that frees the occipital muscles that support the Atlas (C1) vertebra and the Occipital base cranial bone, removes tension and torquing along the spine and releases pressure off the brain stem and nerve tracts. It is a foundational re-alignment and activation, not a chiropractic adjustment, targeting muscles that support bone. The intention is to activate the body to self-heal and to restore balance again. The benefits are profound. For the first time, you will experience a secure and stable joint as intended by nature that will support the rest of the spine.

There is often an elevation and euphoria that follows and a centered, calm feeling.  You feel grounded in your body and light in your heart.  Your legs and hips balance.  Your cranials open and unwind.  Tension around the base of the skull soften.  Breath eases and opens.  The body becomes whole and connected.

This is the foundation, the starting point to a new experience.

The work you did on me has been incredible. I have felt different in many ways since the treatment. One is more energy, and another is less procrastination. That last one is a big one. And, of course, no spasticity. A life changer.
— Karen, Clearwater, FL
After my session yesterday, I felt light all over, fully open and tingling at my crown. I was fully aware of a feeling of circulation from head to toe, my sinuses drained while still in session, my ears popped repeatedly which opened them up, and the ever-present tension in my jaw (TMJ) relaxed. My range of motion in my neck is significantly improved and I experienced a release in my hips and pelvis. I slept deeply after my session, without the constant shifting to accommodate tension and discomfort in my neck, as well as the sciatic pain or jumping in my right leg that has been present since age 15. This shift in my atlas is quite literally life-changing. I’m grateful, Michael!
— M. Wagner, North Carolina - April 2017

Symptoms - Sub-occipital neck release

Symptoms - Sub-occipital neck release


The body is a beautifully intricate and complex system. As a species we are prone to instability and stress in the primary Atlas/occipital joint (below the skull) and suffer chronically tight, spastic (sub-occipital) neck muscles  This constant pressure on the dura around the spine, the cranial nerves and the vertebral arteries, leaves people feeling in pain, burdened, disconnected, and stressed.

Common physical struggles:

  • chronic tension and pain in the upper neck and shoulders
  • low back pain and sciatica issues
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraines and tension head-aches
  • ringing in ears and tension at the jaw (TMJ)
  • posture issues: head forward and shoulders collapsed
  • reduced mobility
  • chronic fatigue
  • leg and hip imbalance
  • dizziness, fight or flight 
  • joint stiffness 
  • sleep issues
  • digestive disorders

Common issues of mind and spirit:

  • anxiety, restlessness
  • feeling ungrounded
  • depression, confusion
  • brain fog
  • lack of clarity about life's purpose
  • feeling stuck and disconnected from the heart and mind
  • persistent sense that there is something 'off' or 'wrong' but can't articulate the issue

Address the cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms. 

I have been feeling amazing! It has been several weeks now, and I haven’t felt even a twinge of anything from my neck. I’m completely pain and stress-free. I stand taller and my posture is so different - I notice that all the time.
— Karen, Clearwater, FL

Find balance and freedom. Sign up for an ATLAS ACTIVATION session with Michael or contact him to schedule an event near you.

The method

For a variety of reasons, stemming back from early childhood development, the vital entry point where the skull and spine merge is unstable and chronically stressed due to a weakness and imbalance in the upper neck and occipital ridge, obstructing our Life Force and creating compensatory tension and pain, as chronically spastic muscles work harder to protect and secure the instability.

This was discovered by Swiss René-Claudius Schuemperli, himself painfully affected by occipital imbalance and tension. Between 1993 and 1996, he developed a revolutionary method to release and stabilize one of the greatest connections in the body, the entry point of all our bodily sensations and higher conscious activity. This modality employs trigger point therapy, neural-muscular and vibratory massage, cranial sacral, acupressure techniques and chakra balancing.

With Atlas Activation, Michael can help you reach the root of your issues through balancing your physical being and integrating energetic movement to activate you towards your true and healthy path.


Reactions & Results - Sub-occipital neck release

Reactions & Results - Sub-occipital neck release

Results & Reactions

Atlas Activation elicits a self healing and regenerative process that strengthens and harmonizes, often evoking old tension and compensation. As a result of the body's intelligence and wisdom, shift, change and growth occur, sometimes with temporary discomfort. This can be on an emotional level as well.

Clients receiving Atlas Activation report:

  • Enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Some feel more of the physical, while others sense a combination of all three.
  • Improved freedom and mobility in the neck, shoulders and lower back.
  • Greater stability and balance of the head. The head feels lighter, more erect and supported.
  • Neurological changes, such as clearer eye sight, less ringing in the ears.
  • Improved complexion and softening of the facial muscles from unencumbered blood flow to the brain.
  • Rush of energy flow from the base of the spine up through the crown, due to reduced pressure from the brain stem.
  • An integration of heart and mind and a centering and calling of divine purpose.
  • Increase of steady energy.
  • State of equanimity that washes away tension and encourages a stronger appreciation and gratitude for life.
  • Emotional release of suppressed fear, grief, anger and/or joy.
  • Deepening of meditation practice with easier access to more tranquil states.
  • Profound change in attitude. More centered, grounded and peaceful.

Since my session with you, I have felt good, and the major thing that I have noticed is that I seem to be able to clear and reorganize in my life. I really began to notice things moving forward that I have been “working on or working at” and not really moving forward. So emotionally, I feel uplifted and positive and hopeful and grateful.
— Catherine, Houston, TX
... Many changes were subtle and others were obvious. I’ve let go of my desire for tobacco easily. What a pleasant surprise. I can only attribute my no longer smoking to Michael’s work.
— Berylanne Stewart, Arizona
How am I? I am definitely still feeling the openness and the sense that I am “one body” from head to toe—and THAT is a wonderful feeling and a precious gift. It is amazing, being at peace with my body and feeling connected.
— Ann, Houston, TX