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SEPT 8 - SEPT 10

Limited spots, so sign up soon! 

Here is how to schedule a session with MICHAEL:

60 minute New Client ATLAS ACTIVATION Sessions are $275. Learn more about sessions with Michael and how Atlas Activation can help you find freedom, balance and clarity to live to your true potential.  

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After my session yesterday, I felt light all over, fully open and tingling at my crown. I was fully aware of a feeling of circulation from head to toe, my sinuses drained while still in session, my ears popped repeatedly which opened them up, and the ever-present tension in my jaw (TMJ) relaxed. My range of motion in my neck is significantly improved and I experienced a release in my hips and pelvis. I slept deeply after my session, without the constant shifting to accommodate tension and discomfort in my neck, as well as the sciatic pain or jumping in my right leg that has been present since age 15. This shift in my atlas is quite literally life-changing. I’m grateful, Michael!
— M. Wagner, North Carolina - April 2017
Since my session with you, I have felt good, and the major thing that I have noticed is that I seem to be able to clear and reorganize in my life. I really began to notice things moving forward that I have been “working on or working at” and not really moving forward. So emotionally, I feel uplifted and positive and hopeful and grateful.
— Catherine, Houston